Rex Rosco Renders Psalm 91

When an artist struggles within himself to find the right voice, it is akin to the sun and moon competing for our attention. Rex Rosco struggles because he has to limit himself. There is just so many things he can do, so many styles and forms he can artfully render but he hesitates at first. In this giant commission work (140cm x210cm), he let himself go! His imagination was free to test how the skies would appear in his fantasyland with flowing streams, bright flowers and peeping animals.

Not to be carried away completely, he managed to apply some numerology in his composition. There are 8 kinds of flowers and animals in his fantasia bringing in wealth and abundance.

The artwork cradles the passages of Psalm 91, something his client lives by.  Rosco humbly explained how he did the calligraphy; he said he had to create his own style which is something he always does to improve on things. Each letter stroke was meticulously placed with no room for error. The idea of embellishing famous bible verses through art requires that the art blends with meaning of the verses. This is something Rex Rosco has accomplished and leveled-up. Truly, this artwork was made to be the heart of a home.