The year 2008 saw the forging of JIV – an independent collective that brings together an eclectic mix of visual artists from different backgrounds and disciplines. Their art is heavily inspired by universal principles and philosophy, spirituality, and journeys in life.

Based in Manila, Philippines, JIV has been active in the art scene for the last two years, showcasing their work in galleries all over the metro.

JIV is an art duo that specializes in “New Age” artworks, or “art for the age of Aquarius” –paintings inspired by universal principles and philosophy. These artworks are unique by the energies they evoke and the purposes they serve where they are placed, the details of which are associated with every colour and visual element of JIV’s one-of-a-kind compositions.

“JIV” is taken from the first letters of the names “Juno”,”Ivan”, and “Vian”, the artists who “jive” their concepts, inspirations and brush strokes together to create their masterpieces.

See the Grand “Opening” May 2010

JIV Manila art collective celebrates the merry month of May with two art exhibits that hail new beginnings since 2010 marking the first decade of the 21st century!

San Miguel Corporation and Mind Pool Inc. sponsor these changes, portals, transitions and paradigm shifts captured in acrylic by Juno Parungao, Lito Casaje, Ice Basit, Alain Austria, Liezl Buenaventura, and Norly Meimban in “Opening” exhibit at Galerie Astra 7, on May 2010, LRI Business Reposo St. Makati.

Parungao’s portal pieces reveal hidden doorways and windows to mythical worlds, while Casaje’s works depict the human body as epidermal landscapes of textures and colors. Austria’s version of folklores is captured by his rendition of shiny hues. Buenaventura’s sense of astronomy is abstracted in her acrylic masterpieces. Meimban, a visual artist par excellence, shows how the classics meet modern lines and movement. Basit’s surreal touch and visual poetry reinforces aberrational desires and longings.