More than Flowers and Chocolates

Indeed, art is MORE THAN FLOWERS AND CHOCOLATES. This Valentine’s month,
Art Tempo Manila and Primos Cuisine and Lounge offer a better alternative to stereotypical tokens of affection. Featuring artworks of Jonathan Joven, Angelo Magno, Nick Navarro, Germart Ortega and Cora Patarata, the collection interprets love’s intimate themes.

Magno’s “Face drawings” are adored by collectors like Edwin Tan and master artists like BenCab for their vivid portrayals of strong human emotions and their associations. Joven’s “Footprints in the Sand” shows us another perpective of the famous allegorical text as it motions our eyes to marvel at the moment from a different angle. Navarro’s “The only thing that never changes” is an elegant rendition of the love between mother and child. Ortega’s “Magkasintahan” paints love as a gentle, innocent affection between two people. Patarata’s floral artworks bring in gardens of lovely flowers beaming with delight and good intentions.

– Juno Parungao