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A theater actress, playwright, poet, teacher, and grammer geek, Andy is an incessant student of the world who holds a Masters degree in Management and is a candidate for MA in Communication Management and MA in Education Major in English. When she is not conducting seminar-workshopts on communication, leadership, and service for institutions and organizations, she succumbs to lazy afternoons inking paper about the beauty of mundane banes and boons.

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Magno’s “Face drawings” are adored by collectors like Edwin Tan and master artists like BenCab for their vivid portrayals of strong human emotions and their associations.


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Cora Patarata’s poems are borne out of her travels in the Philippines and abroad. She was a teacher of natural sciences and a technical writer for financial and administrative management of construction projects in the Ministry of Public Works and Highways. She served as Minister Counsellor in the Department of Foreign Affairs in the early 2000. Now, this retired diplomat is a full-time visual artist.


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Many spectators are marveled by the entrancing world captured by underwater photography. In fact, the beautiful photographs led many divers to take it seriously by buying expensive underwater camera gear. There are also prestigious contests awarding the best underwater photography for the year or so. Unfortunately this seemingly new field in photography is anything but free from politics. Yes, I say politics because the rules are not followed by underwater photographers and leisure divers.

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Joanna Parungao is a freelance writer with a Literature degree from the University of Santo Tomas. She has been published in anthologies, literary journals, newspapers, and magazines. She is currently working towards earning her MA in Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

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Mr. Agustin specializes in visual art, graphic design, multimedia, and film. He occasionally writes songs, theater pieces, and poetry. He accomplished his Masters degree in Visual Culture at the University of Westminister, London. He obtained his Bachelors degree in Art Studies at the University of the Philippines, Diliman where he co-founded the Sirkulo ng mga Kabataang Artista.

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Laya Boquiren currently serves as the managing curator of one of the pioneering art galleries of the Philippines, Gallery Genesis. However, her independent curatorial practice since 2006 includes cross-disciplinal projects involving Natonal Artist Bienvenido Lumbera, violin virtuoso Coke Bolipata, mid-career artists, and artist-run initiatives. She has an MA in Art History from UP Diliman and received training in Keio University Japan and Insitute of Media and Entertainment New York as a grant recipient of the Goldman Sachs 10k Women Initiative. She is now finishing her doctorate in UP Diliman.
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Theater/Film/Television director, playwright, photographer, visual artist, teacher – the muses of Lito Casaje work overtime to keep up with him. He holds five Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for literature among others. He is a recepient of various international cultural grants and served as a delegate to Ibsen International Stage Festival in Oslo, Norway and to Strindberg in Stockholm Theater Festival in Stockholm, Sweden. Now, Lito is pursuing his Doctorate in Creative Writing at the University of the Phillippines, Diliman.
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[supsystic-gallery id=’19’] He is an amateur filmmaker, a visual artist, an avid storyteller, and a student of life in general. He is currently studying Film in Meridian International College whilst simultaneously attempting to satisfy his inner critic through writing in his spare time. His love for music remains unrequited but he dares to explore it nonetheless.


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[supsystic-gallery id=5 position=center]How do we value our artists? There are many ways we appreciate art and the artists who produce them. Traditionally, the academe and culture media confer them those accolades, citations and objective-critical reviews. More significantly, the general public support them with the steady patronage, public/institutional support based on their artistic merits for them to be able sustain and engage a steady stream of art production, craft and creative realizations. In short, artists thrive in societies where they get necessary public response and appraisal for their cultural values and contributions.

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Film, music, and literature serve as her Holy Trinity. But among the three, if anything has a toll on her, it would the written word. She won second place for her editorial piece in the Division School Press Conference in Rizal back in 2008. She aspires to write for the rest of her days, whether she’ll be renowned for it or not, for she refuses to see herself doing anything else. Rogin is taking-up Film in Meridian International College.
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Mr. Ricky Francisco is an independent museum conservation consultant who is currently connected with the Lopez Museum. Among his many achievements, Ricky curated and did art consultancy work in Yuchengko Museum, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, and White Canvas Gallery Singapore. He actively conducts seminar/workshops on conservation around the country.
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Nikolo is a member of Nordiska Wittgensteinsällskapet and British Wittgenstein Society. He engaged in research work on Wittgenstein, Agamben, and other philosophies of religion, language, and hermeneutics. Currently, he is finishing his MA at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

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