Bloom 2014

This exhibition by women artists creates spaces for conversations between women, among women, and acros gendered possibilities in the spectrum of identities. Unlike the typical room-of-their-own, the conversations are not exclusive of ontological others. It is not about creating ghettos that challenge the perceived dominant order only to create personas in the form of bullies. Rather than suggest promises of emancipation, the exhibition creates a platform by which the long-held parameters of emancipation are called into question, alongside the imagination of vicarious transactions with the world at large.

Therefore “Bloom” is used as a metaphor pregnant with meaning. On one hand, there would be these attempts by women artists to expand the boundaries of contemporary artistic practice. Bloom also references women’s capacity to transform not only their ideological-personal-spiritual outlook in the process of creation. The works allow transformations to transpire among and within publics in the process of apprehension. The multi-sensory experience also generates transformative effects on publics engaging with various works that each serve as nexus of interaction. Women’s solidarities are seen as trans-active. The effects transcend the intended address.

The category “woman” now ceases to be a meere subject-position, but one that trasverses through layers of negotiations in culture and across meanings. To bloom is both a process of being and becoming – a sense of living according to the pulse of the everyday. Thus, the exhibition creates space for clearning, a chance for new beginnings, and a renewal of life.


Laya Boquiren
March 8, 2014


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