“Astro Portraits are Juno Parungao’s imprints of our soul. She does her best to get to know her subjects well as she consults with her cards and from these concoctions, a mixed media canvas is magically created”

– Director Lito Casaje

“Juno Parungao’s paintings are exquisite miniatures of the complexities of an individual. She manages to capture the essence of character as symbolized by the astrological chart and renders it into an explosion of colour and texture. As an astrologer I respect her knowledge and marvel at the art which produces such a unique insight into a person.”

– Mari Garcia, Astrologer, Writer, Educator, Lecturer

“Ang Astro-Portrait ay isang makulay na representasyon … nandon yong simbolo ng katatagan, sa pagkapanganakan, sinasabing ito ka, ito ang buhay mo, parang buhay ng tao.”

– Yvette Paet Mapalo, Art Consultant

“Juno’s paintings inspire me and Aldwin to look beyond the ruggedness of life and see the exciting things it has to offer.
Her work manifests the mystery and link between the design of life and the stars. Aldwin & I cannot wait to discover more about life by mesmerising in Juno’s future paintings that would hang in our abode.”

– Atty. Rochelle Castro-Aquino, Melbourne, Australia

“ I have known juno parungao since college days and we spent special moments together. She used to share me her inner world- poetry she composed in tribute to her love for a special person and images she drawn to express her emotions. She has started way back then to appreciate and study astrology and mind science. She has started to foretell things to come by tarot reading.
I admire her ability to express herself in a medium where only ‘real artists’ as we have known could ever do. Her paintings reflect her profound ideas. The use of vibrant colors in her paintings is telling of her deep and intense emotions. For me, Juno Parungao is one extraordinary artist of her time.”

– Charito Vinluan-Bonnot, Lyon France

“My Favorite Stars” is actually a creative outcome in the “balancing of polarity” during a major crisis in the artist’s personal life. In the process of understanding the lessons of life, there is always another side, with the same amount of force – the positive creative force of the heavens! Juno, you have found the balance in painting your “Favorite Stars”. Your astro-portraits continue to amaze me!
Go on, keep that balance, as you reach for the “bigger stars!”

– Kitten Chanco Alcantara, Art Consultant

“Artists, for all their creativity, have been stereotyped as being fueled by agonizing loneliness, mental and emotional darkness, or depression. Not so with Juno: her art is fueled by—of all things—cerebral passion. Juno’s craft, for all its intuitive perception, belies clever ratiocination of imagery, emotion and thought. Her angst – if there be one – is to tap into the celebration of art and creativity across all strata.
And perhaps this brings her ever closer to what art is meant to be: to draw on the rawest of emotions, to make your heart soar, and to give your thoughts and emotions a reality you never dreamed could be.”

– Atty. Arlene Roura

“Juno Parungao is a most interesting artist, who illustrates the astrological profiles of people, using mixed media and representative symbols, in very creative and aesthetically pleasing ways. Her art also reflects her love for nature, and her commitment for the preservation of the environment.”

– Corazon Gaufo Patarata, Artist, Former Diplomat

“Ma’am Juno taught me that there is nothing wrong with thinking outside the box. As an artist she always challenges herself and creates awesome work every single time. I am a huge fan.”

– Diwa Paz, former student, MA in Communication UP Diliman

“Ms. Parungao’s works are fascinating creations as they combine science and art. Using birth charts and stars, she produces the abstract representation of a person’s traits based on their birthday details. Partnered with research, her instincts guide each stroke of her brush to create amazing works. I, for one, am very interested in symbolisms, stars and their philosophy. Truly, this sets her art apart from the others. The back story of each painting feeds my curiosity, leaving me wanting to know more. Ms. Parungao paints a person not by physical appearance but through a metaphysical view. She displays the spiritual side of life along with science in one medium and that itself is something noteworthy indeed.”

– Charlene Kate Santos Pinpin, Multi-Media Artist

“I can describe Juno’s work in one word and it’s AMAZING. I love the idea and the balance of color and texture represented in simple yet striking composition and to top it of with the ingenious incorporation of astrology as its focal point….. It is truly “AMAZING”

– Sir Levi Yu, Visual Artist

“The paintings are all wonderful and pleasing to the eyes and make the library more conducive to studying.

Thank you.”

– Teresita Santos, Head Librarian, College of Mass Communication (Plaridel Hall), University of the Philippines, Diliman

“Juno has always been passionate about pioneering a new form of art -one that had purpose and direct meaning to people, and influenced people’s way of thinking, feeling and living. A healing form of art for which she coined the term “Esoteric Fine Art” (not to be confused with “Esoteric Arts”).
I saw where her vision was taking her and, too, believed that art always played an important role in shaping lives, even civilisations. From ’08 when she and I held our first esoteric art exhibit, to the numerous art shows and lectures she has staged to date -by herself or with collaborating artists, Juno has come a long way in her mission, and will only keep moving forward.
Proud to know and have worked with one of the most inspiring, prolific, exciting artists we have around.”

– Ivan Carlo Villareal-Arrojado Basit, Creative Director, Multi-Media Artist, Brand Development Consultant

“It was more of a curiosity at first. I honestly did not know how Juno can interpret my astrological chart into a painting. But I finally understood when she removed the cover and I saw my portrait for the first time. I love the color combinations, the placement of each element and how that crescent moon looks like a smile. The minimal, bold yet eccentric combination did feel like an abstract reflection of me. My own personal one of a kind asto-portrait.”

– Sarah Tamissa Alcantara, Gallery Owner

“Juno Parungao’s elemental productions are healing pieces, not just mere outbursts of lush and color. Quite frequently, Parungao configures patches in unexpected hues because she is determined to construct spaces where audiences can be transformed.”

– Dr. Jose Wendell Capili, University of the Philippines, Diliman