About the Artist


I am Juno Parungao, a self-taught visual artist who has been joining and organising exhibits since 2008. My first exhibit was in Rockwell Club back in May 2008 where I worked with visual artist Ivan Basit. There on, we formed the group JIV Manila where other artists joined our group. The following years were marked with several exhibits fueled by the love for art. As my fellow artists branched into different paths, I continued doing art projects and helping rising Filipino contemporary artists be recognised through Art Tempo Manila. In search of my own artistic expression, my conversation with fellow esoterics and academics led me to create my Astro-Portraits and other semiotic and mythology-based artworks.

As a whole, I paint landscapes of the the mind, a place where the spectrum of intellectualism to intuition converge in harmony. This method of channeling inspiration stems from the equilibrium of logic and feelings.

I finished my Bachelor of Arts in Communication Research, Masters and Doctorate degree in Educational Psychology, all from the University of the Philippines, Diliman.