There are portraits and there are Astro-Portraits! Astrological Portraits are visual imageries of people’s personalities based on their astrological chart. Also known as abstractions of the soul, astro-portraits highlight personality strong points, with the use of carefully selected colors, symbols, and shapes. The only portrait of its kind using birthday, time and place as inspiration, an astro-portrait is more than just a painting of yourself, it is the artwork that metaphorically symbolizes you – a great conversation piece! Portraits are provided with a brief personality write-up.

I am a fan of non-objective painting. The creative process involves heightening the senses to the point where I can listen to the suggestions of inspiration. In the process of creating a whole, I use the knowledge I gained through years of astrological consultations. People are drawn to the Astro-Portrait because it allows them to see what is normally not seen – the abstraction of the soul.

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