The Call of the Arts


In the earlier part of my life, I was enrolled in piano, organ, and drum lessons. I never learned how to read notes but was able to play ouido. In fact even reading text was hard that I remember my childhood as a stage wherein I have to struggle to keep up with my classmates in reading back in gradeschool. In effect I developed my other senses to the point where I can see color and hear sounds in certain scents and hear music in colors and thus my journey in art began. I also noticed that drawing symbols instead of writing notes is more effective for me when studying. This was my learning style until I finished my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology in UP Diliman.

I consider life as my art teacher. Under its tutelage, I noticed that I always been sensitive to color and light and that these produce sounds. My search for explanations led me to the art and philosophy of Wassily Kandinsky and Josef Albers strung together by Dr. Oliver Sacks’s Musicophilia.