Designer Rings of Jewel Artist/Designer Helena Alegre

Helena Alegre is the lady of the rings. Like the mythological characters of Tolkien, the rings she forges definitely have what it takes to rule them all. Helena creates fabulous intricate silver works on semi-precious stones. Not only did she study how to work with silver, she also had researched passionately on the metaphysical properties of crystals. When I met Helena for my ring fitting, she was candid about which styles work for me. The meeting turned out to be a crystal consultation as well which is a rare opportunity considering the many run-of-the-mill stones one easily sees in the marketplace today. She mentions that her inspiration is the renowned sculptor Ed Castrillo and her aim is to bring pride to her hometown – Daet, Camarines Norte.

It is easy to notice that Helena has a penchant for insects. This might be strange for some people for insects have often been a hobby interest of guys. Albeit, the insects selected by Helena for her designs are anything but haphazard. The insects on her rings have corresponding meanings. This had appealed to me, because personally, I believe meanings matter. Wearing her rings allows one to experience art for a meaningful life.