Opening Part Deux

OPENING, Part Deux May 22 – May 28 Joining the above artists are LYNYRD narciso de marquez, Joel Caballero and Rex Rosco in “Opening, Part Deux” at the Phil-Am Life Theater lobby, United Nations Avenue, Manila on May 24, 2010. JIV Manila art collective is the pioneer of esoteric inspired artworks in the Philippines. Each […]


The year 2008 saw the forging of JIV – an independent collective that brings together an eclectic mix of visual artists from different backgrounds and disciplines. Their art is heavily inspired by universal principles and philosophy, spirituality, and journeys in life. Based in Manila, Philippines, JIV has been active in the art scene for the […]

Esoteric Art of JIV Manila – Art for a meaningful life: Review of “Opening” and “Opening, Part Deux” Art Exhibit

JIV Manila art collective released its new collection of esoteric-inspired paintings about metaphorical doorways, pathways, portals and bridges in two exhibits this May 2010. The first show entitled “Opening” was launched in Galerie Astra Makati (May 7 to May 20), featuring the works of Ivan Basit, Juno Parungao, Lito Casaje, Alain Austria, Liezl Buenaventura, and […]