Life in the Terrarium

Hearing the word “terrarium” makes one wonder if this is a project done by biology majors in school. Truth is, anyone can make a terrarium. It is like having your own controlled ecosystem, a little space you can call your own. Terrariums are highly recommended for kids because it teaches them to be responsible and […]

Rex Rosco Renders Psalm 91

When an artist struggles within himself to find the right voice, it is akin to the sun and moon competing for our attention. Rex Rosco struggles because he has to limit himself. There is just so many things he can do, so many styles and forms he can artfully render but he hesitates at first. […]

Esoteric Art of JIV Manila – Art for a meaningful life: Review of “Opening” and “Opening, Part Deux” Art Exhibit

JIV Manila art collective released its new collection of esoteric-inspired paintings about metaphorical doorways, pathways, portals and bridges in two exhibits this May 2010. The first show entitled “Opening” was launched in Galerie Astra Makati (May 7 to May 20), featuring the works of Ivan Basit, Juno Parungao, Lito Casaje, Alain Austria, Liezl Buenaventura, and […]