Corazon Gaufo Patarata as an Artist

CORAZON GAUFO PATARATA is a self-taught artist aspiring to achieve excellence in her craft. Cora started doing pencil and watercolor sketches at age five, in a stimulating environment of cultivated gardens, pine forest, animal menageries, oil paintings, books on renaissance art, and Gerrman magazines on flora and fauna, generously provided by her father’s German employer, Carl Gustav Hammes. Born in Manila […]

Rain Pools (Painting and Poem)

[photo-book-2] If I should step on this grass, the water would come up to my knees. I just know it. I would be standing in rain pools. All the rainwater gathered here, stored by nature. Only Jesus could walk on water. I’m exhilarated to stand in the water, so clear, so cool, surrounded by an awesome universe.

Below Kennon Road

[photo-book-1] This is no secret place. Everyone sees it, from the road above. But only we have taken the time, to walk down the ravines, and come here. Maybe, there have been a few others. I really don’t know. But each time We have come here, there has been nobody else.